foxxx 2003

foxxx 2003

i love anime, drawing, reading and animals. i have no much social life in reality. and i´m may bite if you come too close. (Sorry if my english is bad)
foxxx 2003
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Levi Rivaille  so cute

Attack on Titan / Shingeki no kyojin : Little Levi (Rivaille) <- you mean even littler Levi

OMG!!!! My heichou is smiling! You have to do that more often heichou!

a smiling levi ackerman in acwnr trailer 2 (attack on titan)>>>>I love how isabel just pops in like that


WE HAVE CORPORAL LEVI! Screw that, Colossal Titan! You are nothing in the face of Corporal Shorty! You just said "Corporal Shorty". Levi is on his way to kill you.

Levi's face

Snk-(Gif) Love how Farlan puts actual effort into the most adorable dork salute and Levi is just.