Black sauna- My shou sugi ban bathroom will have this look! plus the mercury glass wall :)

| P | sauna..Dornbracht's horizontal rain shower. http://www.dornbracht.com/en-US/~/link.aspx?_id=C6E80DF7AECF47918ECF476CC0E9EF2F&_z=zPhoto%20Courtesy%20of%20Dornbracht

Flat-Out Fabulous Bring the spa experience of a rain shower home with Dornbracht's first horizontal shower. Six overhead water bars release a pre-programmed symphony of water in varying temperatures and intensities. Just lie down and choose from


divine shades for a spa style lounging area in the garden

Sauna room ideas

Sauna room ideas Can't wait for my girls to come over and sit in the sauna! Girl spa time at mi Casa!

KLAFS Press release - Weightless sauna design – KLAFS Sauna Casena nominated for the German Design Award Press Releases and Press Informatio...

Klafs, custom-made sauna, CASENA Sauna sheer elegance for soothing relaxation.

sauna-pure-internal-cladding-in-real-wood-veneer-panels-with-horizontally-fixed-rods-in-solid-hemlock.jpg (340×212)

Order a Brochure Pure Sauna Klafs Pure Sauna very much lives up to its name. The outer cladding in white high gloss varnish integrates.

SHAPE design sauna from KLAFS: modern, athletic design meets bespoke comfort