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Ten Tips for Knitting Socks

Calling all knitters! Knitting Daily has compiled our ten best tips to improve knitted socks. Avoid these common mistakes and enjoy some free sock patterns

Вязание: виды пяток | Золотые Руки

Вязаные носки, варежки...

Ravelry: Fine Blondesokker pattern by Wenche Roald. Knitted sock pattern available for purchase.

Fine lace socks / Fine Blondesokker pattern by Wenche Roald

Ravelry: squarejane's End of the year Monster socks 2013 13/13

These are a bright reminder to use up those scrappy small balls! squarejane's End of the year Monster socks 2013

The Sock-Knitter’s Companion: How to Knit Socks – Knitter's Review

The Sock Knitters Companion: Step-by-Step. It would be a quiet can't move time activity. And who doesn't love warm snuggly socks!

Heel options. Ravelry: Taina's Kannanottoja Heel options. Ravelry: Taina’s Kannanottoja: French 1 Dutch 2 Taffy 3 Band 4 heel Shaped common heel 9 tip: French 5 Dutch 6 round 7 Reverse Dutch 8 other Afterthought sädekavenus 13 Heel edeellä 10 unnamed 11 Afterthought tape 12 short rows One wedge heel 14 hourglass 15 Sweet tomato 16

Sock Heel Patterns Glossary

Knitted Bliss - 16 different ways to knit a heel in a sock. - Learning to knit: basics, stitches and beginner friendly patterns if you love sock knitting, this book of heels is for you.

Ravelry: Maud socks pattern by JennyPenny

Maud Socks pattern by JennyPenny

This pattern is named after my aunt Maud. The socks match the mittens with the same name.