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tom strala on his design practice and intelligent materialization

Tom Strala 2007 BARTOK I TABLE 'Bartok` is handmade and available in a limited edition of 25 exemplars. We produce each object after receipt of order in and mark it with STRALA, year of design and serial number.

Michael Samoriz - Outline Chair

How can the silhouette of a chair be so perfect? Check out Michael Samoriz’s Outline Chair to find out!

Around the "live edges" of the slab, Stacklab had to apply an epoxy to square off the corners of the bar.

Love this idea: using epoxy to "square off" the edges of a natural slab of wood, "highlighting the live nature of the wood while preserving modern lines (and easing maintenance).

Heldu is a minimalist design created by France-based designer Jean Louis Iratzoki. He created the new collection Heldu for Alki inspired by traditional woodworking techniques.