That's scary tho

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a woman with blood dripping all over her body and face, holding a knife to her mouth
No one ever listens, I always get interrupted. Never as important as the person next to me, please let me speak. You're never gonna hear my words, so might as well hand me the needle and thread, I'll look so much better with my lips sewed red.
a woman with blood dripping from her mouth and syrings on her nose,
Horror, blood, needles, creepy
a woman with her head in the bathtub covered in blood
a woman sitting on top of a kitchen counter covered in black and white paint splattered all over the floor
Madison LaChapelle
Ryan Wilson-Horror Photography
an image of a creepy woman with pins in her mouth and nails on her face
a woman with blood all over her face and nails attached to her nose, holding scissors in front of her mouth
Saefty in numbers yo! This i hiw i peirced my lip back in the day.. No store bought sellout shit for mee!! Hehehehe wee wee wee :)