Galina Hämäläinen

Galina Hämäläinen

Galina Hämäläinen
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Vintage cooper bath tub

An easy mod tub, just a plain fibreglass tub, respray it in copper,add some wrought iron lace work an bingo its ole world charm. Bathtub for a steampunk princess.

Life-sized dollhouse! I just might use this idea for my art studio.... LOVE IT!!!!

I love this tiny white cottage with it's pretty gingerbread detailing, on the porch, a dormitory window on top, and a bay window on the side. The sign above the porch says: "Doll House". I'm guessing it's a child's playhouse.

Patio for standing herb garden

Here you can see beautiful diy pallet planter showing with beautiful lights. These are the best plans for diy and pallet decoration. It is the best way of displaying planter in garden indoor or outdoor with diy and wooden pallet.