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Yo' Momma

Cats are funny. Cats in glasses and bow ties are even funnier. Cats making nerdy chemistry jokes while wearing glasses and bow ties? I LOVE CHEMISTRY CAT.

Otter down!

Funny pictures about Otter down. Oh, and cool pics about Otter down. Also, Otter down.

target practice

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Stormtrooper Regrets Poster "Those WERE the droids you were looking for" Funny Star Wars poster on Etsy

Jesus rocks at beer pong.

The after party of the last supper-beer pong annnnnnnnnnnnd. I'm goin' to hell hahahaha

Don't drink and derive

Fifteenth leading cause of death among calculus students. (calculus,don't drink and derive,math jokes)

Bear infiltrates Germans

"I have earned the Germans' trust. they still do not realize I am a bear." - Secret war journal of an American Bear.

Lol polar bear

Funny pictures about Bear Problems. Oh, and cool pics about Bear Problems. Also, Bear Problems photos.