I can se this from my livingroom window! Its at the Aland Island, Finland wich is my home :)

Another poster wrote, "I can se this from my livingroom window! Its at the Aland Island, Finland which is my home :)"

Åland islands, FINLAND

aland islands, Finland - peaceful and lovely; ferry from Stockholm to mariehamm…

Mariehamn, Aland Islands, Finland - Municipalities of Åland: Brändö, Eckerö, Finström, Föglö, Geta, Hammarland, Jomala, Kumlinge, Kökar, Lemland, Lumparland, Mariehamn, Saltvik, Sottunga, Sund, Vårdö

Mariehamn, Finland: My Kind of Town

The author Jeremy Duns returns to picturesque Mariehamn in Finland to escape the stresses of city life.

Åland Island

Mariehamn, Åland (island between Sweden and Finland). In my youth. When I was a kid my family used to go on the big entertainment ships between Stockholm and Åland.

#aland islands map - between  Finland and Sweden

Chef Franco Lania will be a guest chef at the Hotel Pommern on Åland Island. Chef Lania will cook a special tasting menu on March

Märket lighthouse on a stormy morning. The border between Finland and Sweden runs through the small Märket island in the Baltic Sea. The pool in the front is in Sweden, while the lighthouse and the two other buildings are located in Finland.

Finland (Åland Islands) / Sweden: Märket lighthouse on a stormy morning


Huit idées pour des vacances à Åland

Whether sightseeing, relaxing, or getting active is your thing, Åland is definitely worth a visit. See our tips on how to make the most of your stay.