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an oil painting of a snowy landscape with trees and a house on the water's edge
Geke Steenmetz Wilgen in de sneeuw For sale.
a painting of snow covered trees and grass in the foreground, with a river running through it
Geke Steenmetz ‘Sneeuw’ SOLD
an abstract painting of hills and trees in the distance with blue, purple, yellow, and white colors
Landscape Gardening Job Description #landscapegardeningpdf
an oil painting of a house in the distance with trees and bushes on either side
Geke Steenmetz Toscana Tenuta Capezzana
Oilpainting © Geke Steenmetz, Size 50 x 70 cm. Title "Toscana Tenuta Capezzana" Original fine art for sale. #art #dutchpainter #paintings #holland #italy #toscane #tuscany #cappezzana #carmignano #tenuta #tenutacapezzana
an oil painting of potted plants in front of a mountain range with trees and flowers
Geke Steenmetz Toscana Capezzana Terrazzo
Oilpainting © Geke Steenmetz, Size 40 x 50 cm. Title "Toscana Capezzana Terazzo Original fine art for sale. #art #dutchpainter #holland #paintings #toscana #tuscany #italy #cappezzana #carmignano #terrace #terrazzo
three cows grazing in a field with trees in the background
Noord-hollandse kunstschilder
Drie koetjes
an oil painting of houses and windmills on a hill
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Dijkstra, Johan(nes), Garnwerd, Gr, vanuit het Noorden aan de dijk langs het Reitdiep
an oil painting of a lavender field with a house in the background
Daily paintings | Vieux Mas à  Sault | Postcard from Provence
daily painting titled Vieux Mas à Sault - click for enlargement
a painting of a lavender field with houses in the background
Artiste peintre figuratif Pascal Giroud
Pascal Giroud - Lavandes vers Valensole - Huile sur Panneau - 27 x 22 cm (3F)
an abstract painting of trees in the distance
Portfolio of Works
Lyn Asselta - Portfolio of Works
an oil painting of a farm with mountains in the background
Golden Valley Farm
Golden Valley Farm
a painting of some trees in the grass
Jie Studio Xiangyuan Jie
an oil painting of clouds and trees in the distance on a blue sky with green grass
Tony Allain Fine Art
tony allain / Rain Clouds / pastel
an oil painting of trees and water with fall leaves on the branches in front of them
Artist: Jill Carver - Title: Autumn Calm
Artist: Jill Carver - Title: Autumn Calm
the sun is setting over a canal with boats on it and windmills in the background
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De Peppels Photo Blog | Nederland | Dutch landscape