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Sales Pipeline  Infographic

In the sales industry there is a lifeline from a phone call to a closed deal or an idle contact. This infographic provides information about the sales

iOS 7 Relax App

This app is a nice change from the standard apps that have been getting released lately. Its still has a nice clean design but it also involves more complicated elements that make for a nice relaxing interface.

Tumblr front page 'heavy' slide animation

Tumblr front page 'heavy' slide animation

Interaction Design Styles - Bouncy Navigation

A free library of HTML/CSS/Javascript resources to boost your web projects and learn new tricks.

morphing modal window

This is a call-to-action button that animates and turns into a full-size modal window coded by Codyhouse.Modal windows are used to display related content, by

fixed background effect

A simple template that takes advantage of the background-attachment CSS property to create a fixed background effect.