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the tweet is posted to someone on their cell phone, and it looks like they
HUFFLEPUFFS ONLY - Never mess with da hufflepuff
a collage of photos with flowers, plants and books in it's center
Im doing a new series! the houses as aesthetics. we are starting with hufflepuff as cottagecore. any hufflepuffs here? if so comment bellow. #moodboard #hufflepuff #cottagecoreaesthetic #aesthetic #cottagecore #lookbook
a poster with words about studying at hogwarts as a hufflepuff
a white and yellow flower with the words hufflepuff on it
n e b u l o u s
an old fashioned typewriter sitting on top of a table next to flowers and other items
n e b u l o u s
the map for hogwart's battle in harry potter
Montgomery County Public Libraries (MD) on Twitter
the text is written in black and white, which reads house stereotypess raven claw books school must have all top grade anything less than 10 % isn't good enough
a bar chart showing how fun the houses are of parties
a blue and white poster with the words which destinations house do you belong in?