house of 40 knots

house of 40 knots , Teheran, 2014 - Habibeh Madjdabadi Architecture Office, Alireza Mashhadimirza

High school J. Lurçat

Image 8 of 38 from gallery of High School Jean Lurçat / Mikou Studio. Photograph by Florian Kleinefenn

Sumatrakontor, Amburgo, 2011 - Designed by Erick van Egeraat

Sumatrakontor, Hamburg, 2011 - Designed by Erick van Egeraat

Dwellings in Villanueva de la Canada

The intention is to break up the monolithic nature of the large volume permitted, splitting the large block into four swastika-shaped blocks perfectly joined at their ends by means of wide window galleries. These galleries are linked to the four.

Ospedale dei bambini di Parma

Ospedale dei bambini di Parma - Parma, Италия - 2013 - OBR Open Building Research

Wintergarden Façade

The façade of a building is one of the most important. here are the 15 Must-See Buildings With Unique Perforated Architectural Façades (Skins).

Arresting Rectangular House in Barcelona Exemplifies Simplicity

Built by Artigas Arquitectes in Barcelona, Spain with date Images by Lluís Sans . Artigas Arquitectes searched of the distinction and singularity of this house, located in Barcelona, that arises from.

Novancia business school, Parigi, 2011 - AS Architecture Studio

Image 4 of 8 from gallery of Novancia Business School / Architecture-Studio. Photograph by Georges Fessy

Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex

University of Toronto Mississauga Terrene Donnelly Health Sciences Complex Kongats Architects

Family Creche In Drulingen - Picture gallery

Family Creche in Drulingen, France by Fluor Architects (designed using Vectorworks and SketchUp)