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i'm a happy-go-lucky ray of fucking sunshine.
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Rowen by on @deviantART

Long time no post. I have been working simultaneously on a few larger pieces, one being a group picture of mine and two of my friends characters. It's been taking me a little while ho.

Random quick work with Dev ^^. ____________________________________________________________ <- more works, WIP's and sketches there!

isax is a dark wolf he killed hes mothered and father and sister hes really evil and can trap your soul and send it to devil

Tern by on @DeviantArt

Marah, a powerful, and dangerous hellhound. She lives in the wild, and even the werewolves fear her. She is dangerous, and powerful. She tends to kill for pure fun She and even kill the unkillable. she has two different colored eyes.

лапуля какой!

I am home again after a week and some days absence, and a few thousand miles more on the odometer. I spent some time on top of a mountain, some time in a valley, and most of the time painting and s.

Marina Jakovleva

I really like wolves, but I'm not sure if I'd want to sacrifice the image in favor of a space-saving tune for "wolf".