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a person is making something with yarn and beads on the table next to some other items
Making friendship rainbows for The Eras Tour | macrame rainbows | car charm
Calling all Swifties! Are you going to The Eras Tour?! I am making friendship rainbows in celebration of the tour. 🥰 Link to Etsy shop: ⤵️ Connect with me: ⤵️ Social media: @kn0tty_by_nature on Instagram and TikTok
Slow tutorial on How to braid with 4 cords✨macrame tutorial
four small dolls hanging from strings on a white surface next to a wooden dowl
Macramé Mini Dolls
Macrame tutorial // 6 strand fishtail braid!! Credit:@graywonders
DIY keychain
DIY Macrame Keychain | DIY Gantungan Kunci Macrame