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two jars with christmas decorations on them sitting on a counter in front of a window
two christmas candles are sitting on a table
LED Christmas Light Bulb - 5 Colors - Window Display
Decorate your tree or a window display with these beautifully crafted LED Christmas light bulbs. There are five to select from. Each offering its own sense of style and beautiful charm. Pick out your favorite or get one for each member of the family. These decorative bulbs make a thoughtful choice in gift.
two mason jars filled with pine cones and candles sitting on top of snow covered windowsills
Glass Jar Christmas Crafts – 17 Homemade Holiday Inspirations
glass jars christmas crafts outdoor luminaries pinecones ribbons decorating…
two snow globes with red berries and greenery on them sitting on a wooden table
Snowy Frosted Candle Holders
two pictures showing how to make mason jars with snow and holly decorations on them, one is
Snowy Mason Jar
Snowy Mason Jar
Snowy Jar Candle Holders