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three stainless steel tubes on a white background
Steel stock can be customized in a variety of different sizes and materials. Check out all of our steel stock bars at
a metal strip with holes in the middle and two holes on each side for mounting
Carbon steel slotted flat barstocks can be utilized in various industries such as commercial and residential applications. Visit us at to learn more about our slotted flat bars.
a metal strip with holes on it
Our carbon steel slotted angles are offered in various sizes to match your exact needs. Find out more about our carbon steel slotted angles at
an image of two metal beams on white background
Carbon steel flat barstocks are utilized in industrial and commercial industries because of their strength and durability. Learn more about our carbon steel flat barstocks at
four pieces of metal are shown on a white background
Carbon steel angles are precisely designed for several applications. Visit us at for more information about carbon steel angles.
a bunch of metal tubes are lined up in a row on top of each other
Our A307A round barstock can be created in various designs and sizes based on your specifications. Learn more about our round barstocks at
three pieces of metal on a white background
Our square keystock can be used for several purposes including industrial and commercial applications. Visit us at to learn more about our square keystock.