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an easel with a painting on top of it
Jim Musil Painter (@JimMusilPainter) on X
(1) Jim Musil Painter on X: "My buddy and I were riding through western Wisconsin last week on a fly fishing trip and I was struck by how lovely a red barn looks standing in a green field with the colors of fall starting to emerge. WISCONSIN FARM, Acrylic, 16x16” ©2023 Jim Musil 🎨 Available #artwork #art" / X
an office with a desk and chair in front of a painting on the wall above it
Autumn Mosaic
Jan Schmuckal - Work Zoom: Autumn Mosaic
a small bird sitting on top of a tree branch covered in snow and berries with drops of dew
Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников
an easel sitting on top of a table next to a painting with trees in the background
Dreamy Landscape Paintings Evoke the Mystical Wonder of Mountainous British Columbia
the mountains are covered in trees and rocks as the sun is setting on top of them
an oil painting of clouds over the ocean
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three different clouds in the sky with one cloud above it and another behind them, all on separate layers
Daily study, Sin jong hun
an acrylic painting of a snow covered mountain peak in black and white colors
Conrad Jon Godly's Mountain Paintings Drip from the Canvas — Colossal
a painting of a mountain with trees in the foreground
High Meadow by Chris Steele