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Gallery - 9 Social Housing Units In Paris / Atelier Du Pont - 9 gevel compositie dakvorm materialisatie terrassen balkons borstweringen geperforeerd appartementen hout

Square Court by Atelier Du Pont, located in Bondy, France. 34 Social housing units are arranged so the balconies are in staggered rows to the views on the street front or to the internal courtyard.

Loft apartment -

Polish design studio completed the 29 Square Meters project, which is located in Wroclaw, Poland. The designer finally turned the space with only an area of 29 square meters to a cosy apartment. The priority of this makeover was to… Continue Reading →

This sketch looks very realistic includes many forms of mediums such as watercolour and colour pencils. Two views have been shown in this illustration.

This drawing has uses digital manipulation by adding in a person which gives the space a sense of scale. It also uses both markers and coloured pencil to make the colours really stand out.

tree house

Pacific Environment built The Yellow around a high in New Zealand. The structure is made of plantation poplar slats and used extensive natural lighting throughout. The tree house was built as a marketing promotion for New Zealand Yellow Pages.