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"I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees..."
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a poster for black tie with shoes on the ground and one person holding a rope
Posters, Florida Repertory Theatre 2011-12 Season
Posters, Florida Repertory Theatre 2011-12 Season on Behance
a yellow book cover with multicolored papers taped to it's front and back sides
ADC Annual Awards - 103rd Winners Showcase | The One Club
ADC Annual Awards - 103rd Winners Showcase | The One Club
a red and black poster with an arrow on it's back side that says wall frank wall wai
Frank Foster - Wail, Frank, Wail LP (Prestige 7021 USA) | cover: Reid Miles
an open book with the words slow black on it
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an orange candle is on top of two wooden dowels, with one lit and the other turned upside down
5.5 designers: fire kit
an abstract poster with white circles and black dots on a blue background that has geometric shapes
the letter k is made up of paper and embellishments, including smiley faces
the book free will by sam harres is on display in a red frame
Free Will - Free Will
The author argues that free will is an illusion, but that this does not undermine morality or lessen the importance of social and political freedom, but it should change the way people think about important questions in life.
the front and back cover of an electronic device with various symbols on it, including two circles
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an image of a magazine cover with the title in korean and english on it's side
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a book cover with black and red ink on white paper that reads tapes in perspective
Antoni Tàpies
the poster for an upcoming festival with yellow and black geometric shapes, including letters that spell out
Grafika użytkowa, UX design
38. Gdynia – Festiwal Filmowy - STGU - Stowarzyszenie Twórców Grafiki Użytkowej
the cover of an article about design and computer engineering, with four petals in silver
an image of a poster with different items on it's sides and the title below
a red book sitting on top of a black table next to a white book cover
岡特蘭堡 Gunter Ram Bow [B]
an abstract painting with black, white and red colors
1955 Art Directors annual by George Giusti
a white napkin with red crossed lines on it
made by andy tomlinson
hand drawn #type #typography
the front cover of print magazine with an image of a gold x shaped object on it
Print’s February 2014 Issue
The Sex & Design Issue: This month, we take a tasteful look at everything from sex itself to sexuality. Cover design by Rodrigo Corral
an old poster for the movie mirrus poele a bois with flames coming out of it
Mirus, Poêle à bois, Fonderies de Tréveray (Meuse) - L'Image Gallery
an abstract painting with black, yellow and red circles on it's center piece
Across the Orange Moons
the front cover of a magazine with white circles on black and white paper, which reads'the bitterest pill '
an old poster with the words do something written in red, white and blue on it
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