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✔ Minecraft: How to make a Secret Passage - Ep.10

Eeeeey, we reached number This hidden entrance can be useful to hide things around your house or make secret rooms! How about we reach 1000 likes?

(*** - New Android/iPhone game is wickedly addicting! ***) The Elder Scrolls in minecraft. This is beautiful but who has time for this

Never really got into the Elder Scrolls series, but these Minecraft recreations are pretty wild. From top to bottom: Riften Volsung The Imperial City The College of Winterhold Dragonsreach Riverwood


The Eiffel Tower, Minecraft style. i must admire how long a) it took whoever created this to build it but more importantly b) How long it took the ORIGINAL architect (Gustave Eiffel) to get the real thing built (around 10 years if i remember correctly.