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Mother's Day Bouquet

Handprint flower crafts, gifts, cards, and keepsakes all make wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day. Here are 14 non-traditional ways to give mom flowers for her special day. Mother’s Day Round Up Handprint Mother’s Day bouquet of flowers Trendy Tree House

Using a 2 liter bottle to start plants in the house for the garden.. reuse /recycle  be cool

How To Make Self-watering Seed Starter Pots. We are excited to share with you this recycling project. It is truly green and fun. You do not only recycle those plastic water bottles, but also make self-watering seed starter pots for you to start your herb

3 states of matter

Cycle 1 Foldable States of Matter: We should already know this, but it makes density make more sense. Physical Science Topic: Matter and Forms of Energy Content: Matter exists in different states each of which has different properties.

Super fun plant unit foldable!  This unit comes with over 20 activities including labs, vocabulary, writing activities, word wall cards and anchor charts!

Focuses on activities specifically about the plant life cycle.This unit has over 20 plant life cycle activities including labs, vocabulary, comprehension skills, writing activities and projectable/printable anchor charts!