Handprint flower bouquet

Cute handprint flower bouquet craft for Mother's Day - would be cute for Josh to send to grandmothers - maybe he can draw the flowers and Addie can do the handprints!

These might be fun to make as clay slab tiles.

Some of the Van Gogh, clay relief compositions. We used pizza box lids, tempra, model magic clay pressed in bowls, acrylic paint and marker. Kids loved this lesson!

Veggie Garden -- We did something like this a couple years back with our old art teacher (3rd graders I think) only we did both root and above ground veggies AND flowers and it was done on a circle!

Idea: students bring in one to two fruits or vegetables to observe and paint. Art Projects for Kids: Vegetable Garden Watercolor Painting. This will be great to celebrate our spring garden planting we are doing.

Drawing: Line Pattern Leaf (OiLS)(W1)

Line Pattern leaf -Art Projects for Kids: Have them choose an object and draw the contour. Then divide it into sections and create patterns using line.

Finger print trees/projects

Get a canvas and paint to make a family tree with thumbprints Family tree guest book - Would love to host a huge family reunion one day and have this as the guest book. would be awesome!



Analogous Color Shiney Bright Ornament Paintings from Color It Like you MEAN it!: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! http://criscoart.blogspot.com/2012/11/its-beginning-to-look-lot-like-christmas.html

Make "shiny bright" Christmas ornaments. We trace the circles onto white paper, draw a highlight, then paint each circle to make a sphere using analogous colors. Analogous colors are beside each other in the color wheel and they blend beautifully!