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a quote that says, there is no one in the world to know what they are
Sometimes we may feel like our prayers aren't heard and our dreams are out of reach. We want to offer a gentle reminder straight from the heart - God hears your prayers. He knows the desires of your heart. In HIS perfect timing, and in alignment with HIS will, your prayers, plans & dreams will come to fruition. Keep praying. Keep believing. Keep trusting. Keep working and of course, keep the faith. God has a plan and a purpose designed specifically for you. “For I know the plans I have for ...
a white background with the words i don't know who needs to hear this, but give god a little more time
a pink background with the words god has already prepared the way he's just preparing you
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a quote about discernment is a gift from god, where he shows you how things really are instead of how you want them to be
a quote that says, hey girl, god knew it would come to this you'll
a quote that reads, god called your plans to save your life on white background
the words god's favorite will put you in positions that hustling could never do
a white background with the words you look so much happier thanks, it's from lots of praying and trusting god
the words at any moment god can shift you from waiting on it to walking in it