Hanna Duvnäs-Liikanen

Hanna Duvnäs-Liikanen

Hanna Duvnäs-Liikanen
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Another week, another fresh crop of tiny house news. Here, we catch you up on the standout projects you should know, from an ultra-trendy to one that can go off-grid.

Inside a Tiny House That Actually Has Room for Guests

The latest tiny home design from Portland-based tiny house builders Shelterwise is also supposed to be its simplest yet.

esket-tiny-house-3 LOVE these stairs!!

A custom 280 square feet tiny house on wheels built by Robert & Bettina Johnson in Alkali Lake, British Columbia, Canada.

a tiny house that actually allows for having more than one kid (two, but at least it's heading in the right direction.)

This small house was designed and built by Bill Yudchitz and Revelations Architects/Builders Corp. It measures just 320 square feet (not including the two small lofts). It features a few notable systems like a butterfly .


This tiny cabin vacation is in a farm setting just 15 minutes away from downtown Portland, Oregon. I want to go tour it just to get an idea of what living in a tiny house feels like, and that way get a better idea of what kinds of features I like.

Small Holiday Home In The Normandy Countryside

This is truly a charming French country house. I'm excited to share it with you because I really love this design and layout. From the front of this French country home it.

Nesting Bunk Beds... How many can you fit in a room?

perfect for that fertile murdle u know 😅Nested bunk beds. This is a pretty awesome idea for a room where the kids will play and sleep. Freed up floor space during the day and space for the beds at night.

A lovely casita in Portland | 27 Tiny Houses You Can Actually Stay In

Purple Tiny House Vacation in Portland, OR PhotoGet rid of the electric stove and replace with gas, replace french doors with sliding or have them open outward and this place is perfect for me!