Hanna Hautamäki

Hanna Hautamäki

Hanna Hautamäki
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ferret train - We had 7 at once. This is what happens when you put Ferretone on their tummies! :)

ferret train, yes I want them all! I can't believe that I had these identical colored ferrets all at the same time.only my albino was missing!

Ferret tush. I miss my ferret :/ Sometimes you just can't make it all the way into the hammock...

Not trying to be mean but I don't want to see a ferret butt but it lookes like its very comfortable.ok thats pretty funny :)

maybe weird in "wish list" but after two or three years, yes, I will have two ferrets

Ferret Love (I must get Grey & Juvia to pose like this for a sweet photo shoot, possibly a ying yang as well.