Johanna Markkanen

Johanna Markkanen

Johanna Markkanen
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Wall art adorns open space work areas throughout the Adobe campus in Lehi, Utah. The open workspace design embraces the concept that employees can more easily collaborate and create by taking away the doors and walls. Foot Campus in Utah -

Tässä on ihana levähdyspaikka toimistolla

A Social Media Agencys Innovative Office Design - The agency changing social media connectivity has a brand new office. - Homepolish New York City

Matolla erotettu oleskelutila ja tulla seinustalla korkeampi seisontatyöpöytä. Meilläkin on niitä.

Office phone booths & acoustic phone hoods allows users to make calls in the workspace without the need to go outside. The office phone booth are enclosed office pods for high speech privacy. Phone booths can also be used for video conferencing.

toiveissa on white boardeja johonkin toimistossa, jossa voisi ideoida ja piirrellä.

Hudson Rouge NYC 66 Inside Hudson Rouges Inspiring, New York City Ad Agency entire wall is dry erase board sheets. turns wall into full dry erase wall