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there is a rope tied to the top of a cement pot on the floor in front of a white wall
Tem mais louca por concreto aí? Essas inspirações de peças são do @pinterest e quem adora um #diy pode aproveitar pra criar peças lindaaaas…
a white piece of art that looks like it has been made out of paper and rope
Get Inspired to Decorate your Home with Some Crazy Christmas Ideas
handmade heart decorations - Google Search
four pictures showing how to make paper plates with star designs on them, and then cut out the stars
DIY – White stars – made of white clay with a fine pattern (the creative ideas of Tina Dalbøge) - Home Page
DIY - White stars - made of white clay with a fine pattern (the creative ideas of Tina Dalbøge) #clay #creative #Dalbøge #DIY #fine #ideas #pattern #stars #Tina #white
a cake with two candles on it and some rocks in the shape of a heart
Herzen aus Beton- individuelles Geschenk zur Hochzeit
three different vases with flowers in them and one has a birdcage on it
v4 by seung yong song
V4 is a lovely interpretation of a vase made from iron, concrete and walnut, by Seung Yong Song. I love the heaviness of the concrete bottom contrasted with the light wire frame top.
a large leaf shaped table sitting on top of a metal stand
stands for the birdbaths
Hypertufa Recipe Perlite | stands for the birdbaths - Hypertufa Forum - GardenWeb
some white leaves are hanging on the fence and in front of it is a green leaf
15 Creative Cement Projects For The Garden
cement-leaves …
a hanging planter filled with succulents and dirt in front of a tree
Heldag i trädgården!
Gjuta betong rabarberfat upphängt fågelbord fågelbad
a stuffed animal is sitting on the ground next to two pillows and a bag that has been wrapped around it
Betonitonttujen teko-ohje!
Betonitonttujen teko-ohje! - Siskonpaneelisoppaa
three knitted gnomes sitting on top of a table next to a lamp post
Wichtel aus Beton DIY * Living & Green
Wichtel aus Beton DIY - Weihnachtsdekoration Wichtel aus Beton DIY
two candles sitting on top of a cake plate with the words beton written in french
Beton+IKEA Blockkerzenhalter = Beton-Tortenplatte