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a table with different days and dates for each day in the year, including one
Veckans dagar Swedish
the different types of furniture are shown in black and white, as well as english words
singular och plural
an image of different words in english with pictures of animals and their names on them
Prepositioner - lägesord
a green triangle with scissors and stars on it
Här är jag! Fyll i och klipp ut din egen vimpel
vimpel, vimplar, klassrummet, pyssel, elevpyssel, social kompetens, gratis lektioner, lektion, lektionsmaterial, skola, fritids, pyssel, skolpyssel
an image of different types of letters and numbers in the same language on a white background
an image of different berries and berries on the vine with names in english, swedish and german
Svenska bär :-)
a board game with people on boats in the water and numbers for each player to read
Spel att ladda ner och skriva ut
SV Spel för uttal och läsning. Allt materiel är gratis att ladda ner.
the parts of a woman's face and man's eye, labeled in english
Swedish vocabulary - head - svenska ord - huvud 1
a table with different types of words and numbers
Adjectives - Swedish
a mind map with many words in different colors and sizes, including the names for each individual
Päivät, kuukaudet ja vuodenajat - Vårdsvenska - Ruotsin kielen online-kurssi
Päivät, kuukaudet ja vuodenajat - Vårdsvenska - Ruotsin kielen online-kurssi
an image of a house with words written in it
there are many pairs of shoes lined up on the floor in front of each other
Words in Swedish
an image of a father and son with the words stop written on them
Mika Ohmori Illustration
Learning Swedish 1 : Stor ↔︎ Liten