telling time

Time flower petal minutes with leafy minute and hour hands ~ great idea! (Now to move my classroom clock to a place with space beneath it.

Second Grade Nest: Hula hoop on white board as clock

Second Grade Nest

FIRST GRADE - Telling Time- stick a hula hoop to the white board, and write numbers around the inside of the circle to make a "clock". You can make little notches around the inside of the hula hoop to practice telling time to the exact time.

associer heure et horloge

Doodle Bugs Teaching {first grade rocks!}: Back to School Pocket Chart Activities

February Printable Packet - Kindergarten Literacy and Math. Telling time by the hour Valentine's Day worksheet. (by: Ms. Makinson)

February Printables - Kindergarten Literacy and Math

Math:February Printable Packet - Kindergarten Literacy and Math. Telling time by the hour Valentines Day worksheet.

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Common Core standard: CC.2.MD.7This clock is a great way for students to learn how to tell time.They can color in each hand to identify the hour hand from the minute hand. Print this out on cardstock and put it together to allow students to have their own hands on clock to use in class or at home.

Learning to tell time Hands on. I'm only pinning this to remind myself that sadly, my highschoolers get to my Spanish 1 class not even knowing how to tell time on an analog clock. Makes teaching time in Spanish a real challenge.

In this matching activity, your kid will match the clock faces representing analog time with the numeric readings representing digital time.

Time to Match 'Em Up!

Time matching activity / game for elementary students. Match legos with analog and digital time.