Bomba, Nurmes, North Karelia, Finland.

Old historic house - tradition of the Karelian - building logs timber building construction .

Merenkurkku / Kvarken archipelago, Finland. Known for its unique geological situation. The seabed is one of world's fastest to rise up from the sea, 1 cm/year, after last ice age. It makes new islands outside Finland all the time. The fishermen have difficulties to navigate between those and a big part of the western coastline of Finland is moving far out to the sea. The mainland is increasing. Listed on the UNESCO Heritage List in both Sweden and Finland.

The Kvarken Archipelago. Svedjehamn, Ostrobothnia province of Western Finland.

Hossan kansallispuisto, Suomussalmi - Hossa National Park - Finland

Finland ranks in top 3 travel destinations for 2017 In its annual ranking, independent-travel publisher Lonely Planet names Canada, Colombia and Finland as prime destinations for (Suomussalmen Hossan kansallispuiston kanjoni)

sandy beaches, Kalajoki on the Gulf of Bothnia, part of the Baltic sea, Finland

The sand beach of Kalajoki, Northern Ostrobothnia province of Finland - Pohjois-Pohjanmaa - Norra Österbotten

Canyon Lake Julma-Ölkky, Kuusamo Finland. Photo & copyrights: Jari Kurvinen /

Canyon Lake Julma-Ölkky, Kuusamo Finland. Photo & copyrights: Jari Kurvinen /

Helsinki in winter - people walking on sea ice in Merisatama. In summer this spot is a harbour for hundreds of boats.

The ocean beside the Helsinki neighbourhood of Ullanlinna, not to mention the rest of the Finnish coast, becomes a park and playground when the sea freezes over.

The view from the observation tour at Björköby, near Vaasa in Finland.

Kvarken Archipelago: Finland's Only Natural UNESCO Site

Not only is Kvarken Archipelago Finland's only natural UNESCO site, it's also one of the fastest rising land uplifts in the world & a nature lover's paradise.

Kivimiehet toivottavat vierailijat kaupunkiin

Kivimiehet toivottavat vierailijat kaupunkiin