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an open door with white curtains and flowers in front of a house that is made out of wood
Varpunen + Tikkurila IV: Musta navetta (Varpunen)
a wooden table sitting in front of a window next to a chair and potted plant
Hus med stall i Nacka
two potted plants sit on a window sill in front of a lace curtain
In a Hole in the Internet,
three hooks are attached to the side of a wall
74 Ideas To Use Driftwood In Home Décor - DigsDigs
Vintage, Fotos, Dekorasyon, Style, Life, Vida, Simple Pleasures, Ana Rosa
Refreshingly White ~ Fresh From the Line
two sheep standing next to each other in front of a wooden structure with carvings on it
an image of a garden path made out of rocks and stones, with the words search on
8 Great Patterns for a Pebble Mosaic
I don't know if you can pull this off, but you should give it the ol' college try.
a body of water surrounded by tall grass and reeds at sunset with a rock in the middle
Ilta ulkona sisustusjaarittelua
a dock sitting on top of a lake next to a forest
A summer cottage in a little lake, Kuhmoinen, Finland...
an open white gate leading to the ocean
I wish I could see this every morning!
an image of apples in baskets on the grass with a tea pot and coffee mug
The Little Corner
a pile of firewood sitting next to a wooden shed
Perisuomalainen punainen tupa on terästetty sinisellä
Kymmenen pisteen vinkki. Käytä vanhaa ovea halkopinon tukemiseen Marin tapaan.
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