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Nazi Propaganda. The Bible is the enemy.

This picture shows a Nazi propaganda poster, showing that the books are the enemies. I believe that this about the leaders being worried about people learning. It also represents the Nazi Book-Burnings and where Leisel steals her first book.

You never know who's on the wires! Be careful what you say. Unknown artist. Big government example.

Be Careful What You Say -You Never Know Who's On The Wires, WWII Careless Talk poster (Photo by The National Archives/SSPL/Getty Images) But now it's Obama who is listening.

Omgosh! Really???!!!

So SICK. An innocent baby saying."Gee, Mommy you sure enjoy your Marlboro!" Why would you mix babies and Ciggies in an ad? Really bad idea! This ad is bad enough, then you put that goofy embarrassing hat on that poor kid!

Soviet Exhibition, 1954 - original vintage poster by Sigorsky listed on

Original vintage poster for the Soviet Exhibition, Copenhagen. Rare poster printed in Danish to advertise an industrial exhibition that was touring from the USSR.


"Be Proud Soviet, you opened a path from the Earth to the stars." 1962 —Classic Soviet Space Propaganda Poster, Artist: Mikhail Soloviev Meritorious Art Worker of the Russian Federation)