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Movie Night Hamper Super Easy DIY Christmas Gifts for Him


(i meant that in a creepy tone)


David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, and their son Jet!

There may come a day when I do not repin this, BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY! This day I pin!

More interesting lord of the rings facts, I died laughing

Shoot. Shoot you twice. Not shot.

Me in real life. you know, when I talk to people AKA school

Scream MTV, Emma Duval, Audrey Jensen, emrey

not sure if this should go in my board about being gay or my fandom board so it's gonna go in both

Hey AHS fans, have you seen the new series by the same director of AHS yet? SO funny and a horror film too!

Scream Queens - I found this part so funny 😂😂

That's definitely Percy>>> I bet you he would sing that with riptide. And throwing an apple to someone was considered a marriage proposal. I got nothing on the pineapple though.

Screw you Harry Percy is WAYYY better suck it

I get why he didn't go back after being cleared of the charges against him, but this is precious.

Harry taking Hagrid back to finish his Hogwarts education.

Stop, Stop(!), STOP!!!!!!!!!! Harry Potter is REAL!!!!!!!! Deal with it!!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤ #PotterheadForLife ❤⚡️☺️

Harry Potter is REAL! Deal with it! ❤❤❤❤ ❤⚡️☺️I will kill if u post these fucuuking posts again.u filthy muggle