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the best forehand disc is written on a chalkboard
Throwing Techniques | Best Disc Golf Discs | Disc Golf | Pinterest | Disc golf, Best disc golf discs and Golf
the instructions for how to do an exercise with one foot and no other hand on it
Innovas Explanation of the Cross Over Footwork for a max distance drive. * At step 3 as your lead foot plants is when the SMOOTH motion of starting the disc into the throwing motion begins. NOTHING in this Xstep should be FAST except the throwing motion But smooth is more important! The front foot MUST rotate to take stress off of knee at the release! I am a big believer in this, it added maybe 30 ft to my drive ...The original PDF files are available if you follow my Preceding Pin to Innova
three different colored cones are shown in this page, with the text below them reading how to tell dissectity
How to "read" how stable or understable a disc will be. Helpful for disc molds that tend to be inconsistent.
How to judge a disc for stability
a flyer for a golf tournament with the words, which are in orange and white
Get Some Awesome Golf Tricks In The Article Below | Just Block it
three men are playing frisbee on the grass in front of an open field
The Trick to Consistent Release Angles
four different views of the same object, each with an arrow pointing up to it
an info sheet showing the different types of kites and how they are used to fly
a diagram showing how to throw a baseball
Tuesday Tips: Breaking Down The Backhand - Ultiworld Disc Golf
Tuesday Tips: Breaking Down The Backhand | Ultiworld Disc Golf
two men are playing frisbee in the grass
How to Play Ultimate Frisbee (with Pictures) - wikiHow
a man in red shirt and white shorts holding a tennis racquet
Fundamentos del Ultimate 1º TSAAFD
the ultimate frisbee instruction poster
Ultimate Frsibee Infographics
Ultimate Frsibee Infographics by Robin Lam, via Behance
the rules of ultimate frisbee
the ultimate guide to playing soccer infographical poster - football tips and tricks for beginners
Ultimate Frisbee
instructions on how to use the forehand throw for video game controllers and other electronic devices
Basic Ultimate Frisbee Throws
420 disc golf | Innova Disc Golf Metal Flake Champion Firebird Custom Dyed 166g | eBay Outfits, Golf Wear, Ladies Golf, Women Golf, Golf Accessories
Innova Disc Golf Metal Flake Champion Firebird Custom Dyed 166g | eBay | Custom Disc Golf Designs | Pinterest | Disc golf, Golf and Golf Gifts
420 disc golf | Innova Disc Golf Metal Flake Champion Firebird Custom Dyed 166g | eBay
a man catching a frisbee in the air with fire coming out of his mouth
Get Horizontal
Ultimate Frisbee
a group of men jumping in the air to catch a frisbee with their hands
Kat Skye Photography
Play Frisbee at the reception!
two people standing next to each other near a frisbee
Frisbees in Production
#OnThisDay in 1957, the Wham-O company started to produce Frisbees. The history of the flying discs dates back to 1871 when the Frisbie Pie Company in Bridgeport, CT, opened. When students threw empty pie tins at each other, they yelled, "Frisbie!" Walter Frederick Morrison & Warren Franscioni invented a plastic version that Morrison improved and sold to Wham-O.
the ultimate guide to swimming info
an old newspaper with the words disc golf lets me forget that anything else matters it's all about being outside in beautiful surroundings
Gorgeous Ideas To Create A Photo Albumn | Just Block it
a black and white drawing of a skeleton surfing
a man in a suit and tie talking to another man who is pointing at him
Custom Disc Golf, Golf Design, Innova Disc Golf, Ebay, Custom
a white circle with the words 25, once you pick up a disc, you'll never put it down
Ultimate Problems: Photo