Wednesday is Vintage Spaghetti Day!

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five packs of van camp's spaghetti noodles
a can of spaghetti sauce on a white background
an old advertisement with women eating and drinking
an advertisement for spaghetti with sauce and condiments on the side, in italian
an old ad for tomato sauce with spaghetti and meatballs on the table next to it
three different types of coupons for pizzas and other foods are shown in this image
an advertisement for spaghetti with meat and sauce
an ad for spaghetti sauce with the caption, now when most food is good and expensive, here's something that's just plain good
an advertisement for 7up featuring two men and a woman cooking spaghetti in the kitchen
an advertisement for ragu's thick & hearty pasta sauces with spaghetti noodles in the background
an advertisement for spaghetti dinner with the caption'now chef boyar - deee spaghetti is even better '