something like that..

Flower tattoos from the thighs all the way past the waist. Imagine a hand sliding down, to those thighs homaigod.

Mandala tattoo...maybe? But bright colors no black ink to show more brightness!

Farewell letter from

55 Thigh Tattoo Ideas | Love! Placement and everything!

60 Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Gorgeous Floral Thigh Tattoo Thigh tattoos are mostly for women in terms of placement as they could be cool and even sexy if well planned and designed. Tattoos are attractive on attractive people, so it’s important to find out a… Continue Reading →

toi kohta

Birds on wrist, hamsa on inside upper bicep. I like this placement ~ Cassandra T (Newcastle, UK) & hamsa is for banishing evil or negative spirits and for the unity and connection to those I love most my son and partner.

Leg tattoo, flower tattoo

flowers tattoo ink wash painting style lotus flower tattoo design on the back Leg tattoo, flower tattoo A flower on the back .


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