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a painting of a man with his hands on his head metal print by remb van de velde
.;. Sisyphus. 1660-65. Antonio Zanchi. Italian 1631-1722.
a drawing of a man with no shirt on, holding his hands behind his back
Sisyphus / Tantalus / Ixion / Tityus
an image of two men in the woods with words above them that say, you know what they are doing
Mythes et légendes dans l'art du TITIEN
Titian - Torture of Sisyphus. Tags: sisyphus, sisyfos, punishments,
a painting of a man with his hands on his head
Le désespèré , Gustave Courbet 1844 1845
Le Désespéré , un tableau de Gustave Courbet réalisé entre 1844 , 1845. C'est un autoportrait sous les traits d'un jeune homme qui regarde droit devant lui, les mains crispées dans ses cheveux
a painting of a man sitting in the rain
🌞 Sol Brah 🌞 on Twitter
🌞 Sol Brah 🌞 on Twitter: "evolve or perish nothing stays the same https://t.co/eiWSFmwJ2b" / Twitter
a painting of a man with a hat holding a glass in one hand and an instrument in the other
light my life
Gerrit van Honthorst, The happy violinist with a glass of wine, c. 1624
an old man making faces with his hands
a painting of a man with a hat on his head looking up to the sky
a painting of a man wearing a blue and gold outfit with feathers on his head
van Honthorst, 1624. Laughing Violinist