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there are two jars with green liquid in them on top of a black and white table cloth
TMNT Drinks
Serving 'Toxic Ooze' and 'Sewer Slime' at your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party is an absolute must to amp up the turtle-powered vibe!Create it by mixing a bright green beverage like lemon-lime soda or a fruit punch with a splash of green food coloring for a radioactive look.Arrange these delightful concoctions in a dispenser, and watch as your party-goers revel in the oozy, slimy fun—just like the turtles in the sewers!See more party ideas and share yours at
teenage mutant ninja paper plate banner with free printables and instructions to make it
Ninja Turtle Paper Plate Banner with Free Printables
Ninja Turtle Paper Plate Banner with FREE printables plus more easy TMNT party ideas!