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Heidi Harmanen

Heidi Harmanen
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I used this recipe during one of my culinary tests and it turned out perfect. I made it again but used lemon instead of lime because it's what I had. Don't be like me. Don't use lemon instead of lime.

Pour this on a fresh picked bed of baby greens like arugula. Top with some rich creamy cheese like a warmed blue. Then top it with some toasted pine nuts!

Honey White Wine Lavender Vinaigrette ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #salad dressing #recipe

Have you ever wanted to cook with lavender? I have been trying both for two years now. Last year, my plants didn’t get very big. I only got a couple blossoms and I wasn’t…

Doritos packaging

Doritos packaging conceptThe shape and the texture of the Doritos chips are used as the base for this packaging concept.The packaging's structure can keep the chips closed after opening.