cup game

Excellent visual for students of the "cup game." I use "I've been to Haarlem," and have used "Maple Leaf Rag," but I like this listening activity as well! - They use Washington Post March - ALM

Parachute games for kids

We have fond memories of the Parachute game in gym class here at Playworks. Heck, we wish we had a parachute big enough to play it in the office.

musical form using a parachute routine and Star Wars Theme: 2nd/3rd grade

grade Star Wars Musical Form + Parachute // Students explore the musical form (Extended Ternary) of the theme to "Star Wars" and create contrasting movements with a parachute. Video example of gr.

William Tell Overture with rhythm sticks (form).

William Tell Overture with rhythm sticks (form). Add a listening map to guide the lesson. Change for dif sub stop the music solve math prob on the stick etc

Simple ideas for parachute play...

by Pam @ How Long is This Hall? We love parachute games in my preschool special education classroom! Pulling out the parachute brings.

Tehtäviä metsäretkelle, talvi.

Tehtäviä metsäretkelle, talvi.

Musical Parachute Play | Articles - Teaching Kids to Sing

Although many blind children cannot see the parachutte they enjoy the movement and musical activities in these activities. The socialization is great. All kids love to play with a parachute!

Jalkapallotunnille vinkkejä

Jalkapallotunnille vinkkejä

Hauskoja lämmittelyleikkejä liikkaan.

Cool Games & Fun Warm-ups- really good physical warm with coordination and concentration techniques thrown in- Great for musial theatre groups - Hiihtoleikit ja pelit

Hiihtoleikkeijä ja -pelejä /Edu.