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Tekstiiliteollisuus - teetee Salla

Tekstiiliteollisuus - teetee Salla

Hawk Tattoos And Meanings-Hawk Tattoo Designs And Ideas-Hawk Tattoo Pictures

One popular symbolic animal tattoo is the hawk. The hawk has been mentioned throughout history by a variety of cultures throughout the world. Hawk tattoos are sported by men, however, a few women may consider the hawk tattoo.

Love this. I am going to knit this very soon.

I am desperate to buy this kit plus pattern.The Skier. However when I go to the site it states "Our office is completely closed blah blah blah" Does anyone know what is going on with Bea Ellis?

skier hat, with cat by zigeunerweisen, via Flickr

The yardage amount does not include the cotton yarn necessary for a no itch lining.

Ravelry: stoperror's Skier beanie (downhill)/Abfahrtslauf

Not only for the Olympic games. a cute two color downhill skier is on this beanie together with mountains and trees and the (starting) hut in the background. The hills at the top form a lovely star, inside is a big gorgeous snowflake!