DIY - Daisies...

Flowers are everywhere!

Mn Hello, Everyone! It's spring time! We at Little Minds were busy making all kinds of flowers. Today's plan was to make daisies.

Lecture d'un message - mail Orange

4 Monkeys studio offers Saturday morning art classes to children, summer camps, 'Ladies Nights Out' and birthday parties. Lessons include a broad range of mediums and subject matter.

zeilboot spiegelbeeld in het water

kindergarten sailboat reflections using construction paper crayons. Vocabulary: horizon line, horizontal line, and reflection.

Kuvis ja askartelu 2 -

feet selfie using crumpled paper for sand, splatter paint for sand, draw feet, and wavy lines for ocean.

Plastiquem: COPA DE GELAT

styrofoam printing for bowl dish or plate black and white painting on plate to make bowls graphic paintng for icecream