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an aerial view of a church in the middle of trees and buildings under a cloudy sky
Joensuu, Finnland
a boat floating on top of a lake next to tall buildings in the night time
a city street with cars parked on both sides
an aerial view of a large white building in the middle of trees covered in snow
an orange building on the corner of a street with people walking around and buildings in the background
Åbo Svenska Teater - The Swedish Theatre of Turku
an artistic sculpture in the middle of a body of water
ISC3 Turku
the inside of a large church with pews and lights on either side of it
a row of yellow buildings with bicycles parked on the sidewalk in front of them and trees lining the street
an empty city street with buildings and traffic lights
10 fun things to do in Turku - Her Heartland Soul
the words 10 must - do's in turku are shown above an image of buildings
10 fun things to do in Turku - Her Heartland Soul
an industrial area is lit up in the evening with snow on the ground and water
the inside of a building with lots of tables and people walking around in front of them
people standing in front of a lit up christmas tree
Turku Cathedral by Hanna Östman / 500px