Simply way to make prefect felted snowflakes using needle felting technique

WITH TUTORIAL - Total needed: 10 snowflake ornaments (minimum 5 per person). Add hanger (to be provided) and omit jewels.

Is THAT how you do it? It just seems to look easier, and easier, probably easier than when I tried to do amigurumi. Comment if you do needle felt and tell me what you'd rate the difficulty on a scale of 1 to 5!

I started by making hearts in a cookie cutter. Love hand felting using a cookie cutter.

Needle felting 101 - felt ball - Cat At Roof

Learn how to needle felt some basic shapes, which can be used on doll making. Step by step photos demonstrate needle felt a wool ball, a wool cylinder and make flat felt.

Snowman needle felting kit

Snowman Needle Felting Kit (Super Easy Beginner

Snowman needle felting kit: (beginner) Included in this kit: ~enough wool to make a 5 inch tall snowman ~Wire for arms ~black wool for eyes and

Needle Felting Tutorial

Needle Felting Tutorial : Tips and Tricks to make Perfect Needle Felted Hearts : DIY - The Magic Onions

1)neulahuovutus, muottitekniikka 2) muita neulahuovutusohjeita

1)neulahuovutus, muottitekniikka 2) muita neulahuovutusohjeita

Felted snowman tutorial

33 Fun-to-Make Christmas Snowman Crafts - Fill house with snowmen, ornaments, pillows, gift boxes & other forms of this jolly holiday gent. No matter which one you make, these snowman crafts are sure to melt hearts during the Christmas season.

DIY Felt Ball Jewelry Ideas and Inspiration by DIY Ready at ‎

Felt Ball Projects

Felt Ball Projects DIY Projects Craft Ideas & How To’s for Home Decor with Videos


Chair / bench pad of wool pebbles for the nature-loving living environment

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