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This Rolls Royce had a covering of velvet all ovee the bodywork .i remember seeing this car in knightsbridge london . Some people earn so much money they are crazy in spending it .by putting velvet over thier car .


why do i doubt that all these 'drake quotes' are things he's actually said. lol maybe i AM that smart girl. but i doubt any guy finds these smart girl qualities attractive unless they're hungry for the waffle.

I was never in a tutu and had bruises all over my legs from climbing trees, but yeah...

"I often miss this little girl. Whose dreams had no barriers, who believed in a world where anything is possible. with a heart that was full and unbroken." What would it take to bring her back, lose the barriers and lose the broken?

Yosemite National Park

A lot of nature, a lot of animals, a lot of darkness with a little bit of everything else mixed in between! The majority of these pictures and quotes are not mine. Those by "Sheryl", "Sheryl.