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a white shelf filled with logs next to a potted plant on top of a wooden floor
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Polttopuut Ikea Expedit hyllyssä
several white planters filled with plants on top of each other in different stages of growing
Woody Loft Style Мебель Лофт из поддонов Паллет
a white wooden bench sitting next to potted plants
Sofas em Pallets com Encosto Reclinavel de Dois Lugares
Sofás em Pallets com encosto reclinável, de Dois lugares. (Não acompanha estofados.) Lixados e Pintados, na cor do cliente. Descrição: Com Encosto Reclinável, 3 ajustes. Largura x Comprimento/ Altura Medidas 2 lugares - 58x1.20/30 - Encosto 45cm Entrega somente em São Paulo *Fret...
a bench made out of pallets with different colored cushions on the seat and back
1000 modi per riciclare il legno | Falegnameria900 - Mobili in legno su misura
1000 modi per riciclare il legno - Falegnameria'900
a white bench sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a building with windows
Gartenmöbel - Etsy.de
**Sitzgruppe aus Europaletten** Oberflächen werden sorgfältig gehobelt, geschliffen und mit der Wunschfarbe Lackiert. Die Sitzgruppe ist individuell gestaltbar. Tisch besteht aus 3...
two pictures side by side, one with potted plants and the other with fake flowers
DIY Upcycled Pallet Rainbow Flower Garden
Turn your backyard patio into a colorful oasis with this bright and colorful DIY Upcycled Pallet Rainbow Flower Garden. This is a super fun weekend project that…
an outdoor bar made out of wooden pallets with two wine glasses and a bottle on top
Suomi24 Viihde - Uutiset
27 hauskaa ja kekseliäistä ideaa, mitä voit tehdä vanhoista puisista lavoista | Vivas