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Moderni sauna 9601787

Skandinaavinen sauna

Omakotitalo, 176 m2, Kangasala, Open Market Suomi

Harvia Cilindro H embedded on a lower sauna bench

Kuvahaun tulos haulle helo deco sauna

People have been enjoying the benefits of saunas for centuries. Spending just a short while relaxing in a sauna can help you destress, invigorate your skin

Paanu sauna pillow and seat cover by Marja Rautiainen for Lapuan kankurit

JOULUSAUNAAN – Pihkala | Meillä kotona

yhteistyössä Lapuan Kankurit Ei epäilystäkään, joulusauna on varmasti eräs suomalaisen joulun rakastetuimpia…

Gorgeous Coolest Home Sauna Design Ideas


Hanko-Norway-Jürgen-Kiehl-one-sided-pitch-shed-style-black-boarding-sauna-red-ladder-red-wood-mat. Definitely making a Sauna for the Cabin!

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Designing a house for this setting was a thrilling puzzle of aesthetics and terrain for a young architect.

Sauna at Johanna Lehtinen's idyllic Finnish summer cabin in the archipelagos. sauna cabin A tour of an idyllic Finnish summer cabin

A tour of an idyllic Finnish summer cabin

If someone asked me to describe my dream Scandinavian summer cottage, this would be it (you may recognise the idyllic Finnish cabin from th...

Do you want to create fabulous home sauna design ideas as your home design ideas? Creating a fabulous home sauna sounds great. In addition to making aesthetics in your home, a home sauna is very suitable for you to choose… Continue Reading →

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A whole lot of folks feel that building a home sauna can be very difficult. Fit how will you really know if you have not tried it? The good thing about having one can possibly actually convince you that the costs, whether economically or in conditions of effort, are actually well worth it. So do …

People have been enjoying the benefits of saunas for centuries. Spending just a short while relaxing in a sauna can help you destress, invigorate your skin

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different for a sauna…

Tulikivi Riite electric sauna heater.

Portable Steam Sauna - We Answer All Your Questions!

Valoisa, valkoinen kivitalo on espoolainen unelma

Jyhkeällä kallioisella tontilla, männikön keskellä seisoo Puharisen perheen rakentama valkoinen kivitalo. Harkoista tehty talo rakennettiin pääasiassa omin voimin.

Untreated sauna benches and panel walls can be blackened using the Supi Sauna Wax by Tikkurila. This water-soluble solution with natural wax is colourless but it can be tinted black. Spa Sauna, Sauna Shower, Sauna Steam Room, Sauna Room, Modern Saunas, Piscina Spa, Spa Food, Sauna Design, Outdoor Sauna

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My Granny used to beat the bugs out of me :) The finnish way to sauna [sow-na] Illustrations, Illustration Art, Sweat Lodge, Finnish Sauna, Sauna Room, In Ancient Times, Saunas, My Heritage, Scandinavian Style


Finland, Sauna, painting by Martta Wendelin - "Color" Round Robin, sent by cicus

Saunaviihta (birch branches for hitting yourself in the sauna)

Design sauna heater with minimal Nordic design. The unique design of the heater maximizes the heat, keeps the stones hot longer and delivers a better experience.

Design Sauna Heaters and Smart Sauna Controllers

HUUM design sauna heaters bring together ancient Estonian sauna wisdom with Nordic design and modern technology for an unforgettable sauna experience.