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In this I will pin material I make myself with Blender, or someone else makes that can be useful in CGArt.
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Now that the Spitfire project is winding down (I am only rendering a little movie of the scene), I've turned myself to this 1963 Mercury 100 hp outboard engine. This is the first complete render with the face plate, the grid originated in Excel. Expect more soon when I get the decals done for the engine cowling. See http://www.powercatboat.com/VOD/1962-3-Merc1000.jpg for image of a real engine.

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A clay render of the Spitfire project I am building. The geometry of the mesh is not perfect but will do for now.

The new, Cycles-based church I am working on (but the Spit project intervened)...

This is based on an Italian balcony that a friend photographed. The render engine is Cycles, and there's 4000 passes in it.

Marble material test render in Cycles. This is all procedural, not image based, and will fit any form and any size.

All light in this image is from the 32 little lamps in the chandeliers. The lamps do not look good because they actually emit light; this must be redone so that there's a tiny but powerful light source inside the lamp.

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Engine exhaust stacks and air intake scoop installed. There needs to be a bulge above the exhausts but I think I will not break the fuselage geometry for that, rather install a new little mesh for the bulge.

A closeup of the Spitfire Mk XIV project I am working on in Blender.

The new five-blad propeller. I found a good image of the blade from the front and another from almost 90 degrees and this enabled me to do the blade properly.

I found a nice picture of a Belgian manor house corridor and wanted to recreate it in Blender. This is about 80% done, I still have to add some light fixtures and sundries. And the door handle will be made less modern.

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