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In this I will pin material I make myself with Blender, or someone else makes that can be useful in CGArt.

Now that the Spitfire project is winding down (I am only rendering a little movie of the scene), I've turned myself to this 1963 Mercury 100 hp outboard engine. This is the first complete render with the face plate, the grid originated in Excel. Expect more soon when I get the decals done for the engine cowling. See for image of a real engine.

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The decals were made by hand using a very small JPG I found at some web store. They make replicas and sell them for refurnished engines, but the image was too small to use as such due to pixelation. The handmade one works nice.

A fifteen minute modeling job with Cycles and all-procedural materials - no photos)

Sometimes you need to go in close to spot mistakes in renders. I'll leave it as an exercise for the viewer to count how many this one has.

The boat in water with a short jetty. The Sun is across the scene to the top.

The same image with a Lomogram tone on it.

This is a render of my kitchen's coffee corner. 600 passes in Cycles, and the Venetian blind effect is made with a Venetian blind mesh.

This is the final version of the Belgian corridor.

A Blender render of my kitchen's coffee corner. I'll add another one that has been taken through Lomogram.

First test with engine attached. Next up is the windshield and sundry fittings, then the compositing into a lake.