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Heikki Levanto

Heikki Levanto
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Happiness is a sunny day.

The Peanuts Gang / Snoopy / "Happiness is a sunny day"! It's amazing what that big yellow ball can do :) Love the amazing person who made it the sun, it brings such happiness xxxx

Happiness is a thumb and a blanket

I loved Linus! As a kid I sucked my thumb and had a blanket that was always with me.

Find Out What You Are

This chart was done with basic ontology and epistemology in mind – with some weight on modern philosophy of mind. My challenge to myself was to map

Travel Through Time With These Strange and Beautiful Visualizations of the Universe | WIRED

Map of the Square and Stationary Earth. Four Hundred Passages in the Bible That Condemn the Globe Theory or the Flying Earth, and None Sustain It. This Map Is the Bible Map of the World. By Orlando Ferguson Reproduction. X 24 Inches