Gizan pyramidin sisällä.

Inside the Great Pyramid. Giza Pyramid Plateau – Egypt Have you been inside the Great Pyramid?

From left to right: Homo habilis, Homo Sapiens, Homo floresiensis, Homo Erectus, Paranthropus boisei, Homo heidelbergensis and Homo neanderthalensis

Let's start the creature I've picked for my artist showreel is a de evolution of the human genus either homoErectus or homohabilis

Esihistoriallisen ajan taide - luolamaalaus (Lascaux) (video 2:46).

From: Music 'Lullaby' by Chorus of Tribes HE LASCAUX CAVES were discovered purely by chance. On 12 September 1940 four boys were roaming through…

(C1, W4) seven wonders of the world

Cycle 1 Week 4 Video revealing scale & engineering techniques used to build 7 wonders of the ancient world